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building the wrapped pixie brand

About me:

I'm Samantha Price.


Years ago, I was a full-time paramedic and an EMS supervisor.  I loved the interaction I had with patients when they were at their most vulnerable moments.  It taught me a lot about compassion, patience, customer service, and producing a product that people were extremely satisfied with.  

Needless to say, this field consumed much of my time. Not being present at home was weighing on me, especially since my children were at young ages. My experiences in patient care, combined with my wanting to be home for the benefit of my children’s upbringing, fortified my core value of family and the importance of being present in my children’s lives. 

I left the EMS profession for another passion, which is designing and creating handmade jewelry.  Throughout my entire life, i’ve always had a desire to create and to be creative.  Making jewelry is the niche that has afforded me the best of both worlds: to share my creativity with others, and being home to raise my children.

My process:

Every adornment I offer is hand crafted by me. Some are one of a kind (OOAK) and others are created upon ordering but every single piece has my full attention and dedication. I am a one woman workforce, handling every aspect of my business from administrative tasks to jewelry design and production, as well as packaging and shipping the finial products. Instant gratification shopping (like you'd get from Amazon) is not found here because it takes time to create your beautiful selections, but I am always open to working with clients in an attempt to meet your needs. Please email me at if you have any questions about items and processing times..

My standards are high and I take pride in the products that I bring to the marketplace.  My sincere hope is that you can see these values in the handmade products that I make for you!

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